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Time to tough it out again.  Time to suck it up! I did it before and I can definitely do it again and again and again until I couldn’t breathe anymore. I would do it over for him anytime. If you have been in a committed relationship you know its hard to say goodbye when your loved one goes away for a week. Imagine living about 500 miles away from that person whom you love so deeply and only get to spend time with probably 4 to 5 times out of the year and communicate the rest of the year by skype and messaging…. 

Most people wouldn’t or couldn’t do it.


Not us.

We are stronger then that.

Eric and I share a unbreakable bond. One I wouldn’t change for the world. He is my soulmate and I honestly thought I’d never find one. I was wrong, How glad I am to be so wrong. 🙂

Time to go back to work and be somewhat miserable….. and miss the late night cuddles and kisses on the forehead. No more hearing your heartbeat for a while. No more smelling your hair or touching your unshaven face just to feel the sensation on my hands and fingertips…

I don’t get to hear your laugh unfiltered with my own ears.

I don’t get to see your chest rise and fall when you breathe. (its kind of hard to see on skype lol)

After you left this morning I spend probably five minutes bawling on the stairs and then collected myself and reminded myself that we are strong and that if this was easy we would most certainly not be in love. ❤

You are my absolute favorite hello and my most dreaded goodbye.

I would do it all over again just to spend a minute with you.

I love you Eric Didier and I always will.

I cannot wait to be your wife and show you love each and everyday.

Our long distance relationship will make us unbreakable.

We can do anything.

All of my love to you Eric Michael Didier ❤

Your future wife,

unconditionally yours,

Karen Didier

(and no I don’t care about spelling or grammar I never learned how to use a comma and I don’t care)


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