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The Crime you don’t give a sh*t about


*possible trigger warning*

You know why you don’t care about it?

It either didn’t happen to you or someone you know (which is rare btw) OR IT MAKES YOU UNCOMFORTABLE.

I’m talking about the crime that damages children for life.


Whether its mental, physical, sexual, emotional, spiritually abuse. etc

I apologize for the slightly misleading title but I’m glad I have your attention. I was at the gym today and I saw that 156 people had been arrested in relations to a online child sex ring. Now this was not covered at all by the station. It was simply the text scrolling at the bottom and it took a few times for me to be able to read it all. They had rescued 4 children and 1 of them was from Canada (where I am) My heart dropped. I know whats its like to be filmed or touched and have boundaries crossed. I try not to compare traumas to one another because they are unique and everyone goes through abuse differently. I do not try to lessen my own abuse and never lessend others. I get a lot of messages on my personal Instagram about other people explained to me that they had been abused but it wasn’t as bad as mine or someone they knew and I always try to stop them from talking this way and to never ever minimize what they have gone through.

At the gym I was trying not to cry. Those CHILDREN will need mental support for the rest of their lives. When you are young, you have no idea what is wrong or right that’s why an adult shows you. But a lot of them take advantage of us. They take advantage of our innocence, our kindness and our wonder and they twist it and spit it out back at us. That is how we think its not that bad or its not our fault. BULLSHIT. Child abuse is under reported and I believe probably 40 to 60 percent of the WORLDS POPULATION has been terribly abused in some terrible way. It’s okay we can just change the channel! There everything is fine now.

And as I am seeing this tiny line of information scroll across the screen I don’t see anyone else react and that makes me sad but I am not surprised.

We go unnoticed.

We get swept under the rug.

We are told to “suck it up”

“It wasn’t that bad”

“Maybe you deserved it”

“Well you were dressed provocatively.”

“Its because I love you”

“If you don’t do it, you don’t love me.”

“Don’t you love your mommy/daddy/etc”

“Its our secret”

Its time to act. I’m sick of waiting around for someone to make a law or catch a pedophile. We survivors need to act for future children. THEY NEED US AND WE NEED THEM.

I will never be silent about child abuse for as long as I live or until God takes away my voice. I will always try and raise awareness and tell people my story.
Tell me yours?


Wishing you strength.


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  1. What frustrates me is not just that these attitudes have been expressed to me, my wife, and my eldest child from family and friends in regards to each of our stories, but that attitudes of marginalization and questioning EVEN IN ONLINE SURVIVOR COMMUNITIES.

    People can be quite cruel in Twitter Direct Messages (DMs).


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