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Sunday Mask Madness: My Little Pony or My Little Fail?

I’ve been feel a little bit under the weather lately and I haven’t felt like myself.  Just worried about money and the future and how I’ll possibly never amount to anything good and I will be terrible forever. YAY!

” That is my brain talking not me but I choose to listen to it some days which has lead to me being greatly unmotivated when it comes to blogging, social media posts and even working out. “

So right now I am trying to be positive and write this post because I thoroughly did enjoy the mask from last week 🙂

So here it is since I was busy being moody (still feel moody) LOL




So obviously I picked the black glitter because BLACK IS THE COLOR OF MY SOUL (not really but I have been conditioned to believing so)

But seriously black glitter is cool!

Um who wouldn’t want to smear black glitter all over their face?

I was a bit weirded out by the consistency…. BE CAREFUL OR YOU WILL GET IT EVERYWHERE LIKE I DID.



The packaging is to die for. It is absolutely adorable. Although for the price I had paid for it, I wish it had been much bigger!

It retails for about 59$ USD or 79$ CAD.

Now onto the actual details of the mask. I opened it up and was super surprised at how good it smelt. Almost like some kind of berry scent it was nice and I wasn’t expecting that because the mask is glitter which makes me think it will smell like moldy plastic…

Like I had mentioned above the consistency is very messy so be careful when putting it on your face because the first time I managed to get it everywhere but my face. 😦


So I applied a generous layer with the little applicator that was given. I applied it all over and just being careful of my eyebrows (to what little eyebrows I have) Because I didn’t need to peel the mask off and have missing eyebrows hairs….

Now I am a very impatient person. Like so impatient I don’t want to wait for the 20 seconds on the microwave to heat my food because it will take too long but if I don’t let it heat it up it tastes awful cold kind of impatient. 

Pretty damn impatient.

But I managed to wait for the whole thing to dry which was about 30 minutes or so. If you don’t wait until it dries you are gonna have a bad time okay?


After waiting for it to dry. Now the best part! I love peel off masks! It is so therapeutic!

It is so relaxing to glob something on your face and then peel it off!

My skin felt pretty darn soft and smooth but as for the anti aging effects…?

A major letdown… Nothing had really changed. I wouldn’t classify this as an anti aging mask as the company says it is.

“It’s more of a fun time happy mask use before makeup or if you are bored mask.”

But overall I will probably use it again but I won’t be disappointed because I know I won’t be receiving any anti aging benefits from its glittery goodness.



  1. Super fun
  2. Smell is amazing
  3. Best part is peeling it off!



  1. Expensive. Get ready to shell out some big money for this.
  3. It is messy. without the applicator my bathroom counter would have looked way worse.
  4. Long ass time to dry.


Overall I am a tad disappointed with this mask, I would only repurchase again if I had gotten it for free or if the product was on sale.  I like my masks to have benefits and this is more of a INSTAGRAM FAD. It was still a lot of fun. It just didn’t really have benefits and that was a let down for me. So if you feel you have to buy this mask please do some research! Nothing against Glam Glow as I do love their other products.  But I did use another mask after this just to make myself feel better about spending 79$ on a trend. 🙂

It is pretty photogenic though 😉

Meh. 😛




My opinions are my own.

No I don’t care for most grammar.

Not sponsored.

Until next time. I have a couple more masks in mind….

Any that you have tried that you would like me to review?

Let me know below!!!!








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