Eyelash Extensions: Worth the hype?!?

We have all seen them. The extensions….

The ones that look so good!

The ones that I’ve heard girls murmur cost “hundreds.”

and SOMETIMES you hear about a famous person having a severe reaction and it sort of turns you off of them…




I personally have always wanted to try them. I am already the girl with no eyebrows. I kid. Sort of. But I actually do have some decent lash length already it just that the tips of my eyelashes are light at the ends and they look that much shorter 😦

Anyways I was given the opportunity to try them out from my wonderful friend Zohra.

Zohra and I have known each other for a while now and she’s a great human being! She is a mom and I totally look up to her business savvy skills and the fact that she works so hard for her kids and kills it every day! WORK IT GURLL!!

This girl has some serious talent!

Anyways I had always been interested in eyelash extensions but honestly was just nervous about how it would look or maybe that I would be too flashy.

But I am surprised at my reaction because Zohra did an amazing job. She picked out the right size and length and curl just enough for it to look super classy and elegant.

Stepping into her cute little office was so cool! She had everything neatly organized and everything was good and ready to go. I loved the overall look of her little office considering it was only just one room she did an amazing job.


Isn’t it cute?? 

I thought so! 🙂

As far as the actual process went it was very relaxing. Normally when I put myself in a spa like situation I find it hard to relax but after Zohra told me how she was going to do the extensions and let me know what the process was like and explained everything along the way. I felt a lot more comfortable after this.

And I of course had a ton of questions for her and she answered them all!

It’s always good for a first timer to ask all sorts of questions because that way you know what the person is doing to your eyeballs is educated.


ANYONE can get certified it’s just certain people that turn out to be bad apples that ruin the rep for estheticians. SO DON’T BE AFRAID TO ASK FOR CERTIFACTION AND ASK QUESTIONS 🙂 

Always make sure to do your research.

The process took a while but considering Zohra was new she did an amazing job. I was so happy with the end result. They were cute fluffy eyelashes and you could see them from across the room which is exactly what I had wanted!!









My self confidence since the extensions were done has gone through the roof. Normally I love to doll myself up with make-up but in the past few months and it being mother’s day…….

I didn’t really have the heart or strength to do it. I was kind of depressed and in a rut.

Zohra made me feel beautiful again and that I could take on the world. 


Thank you so much Zohra for making me feel so amazing by doing something so simple.

Please hit my girl up on social media and leave a message or if you are newly lash obsessed like I am give her a follow! I cant wait to see her again for my refill!



Zohra also has a jewelry business! She has some amazing pieces!

Check it out below!



If you have any questions feel free to ask them below! 

Have you ever had lash extensions? 

Was it a good experience?






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