Ugh here we go again part 2

I thought I had finished all my crying last night. LOL cropperoutput-1965752549

I was very wrong.

A long distance relationship is full of ups and downs but obviously the major downs is when the other person leaves.

Its heart wrenching but you want to get it over with as soon as possible. Almost like ripping off a gigantic band aid that pulls every hair out of your body.

I feel more blessed and organized this trip.

Eric and I got a lot done with my Instagram and he motivated me to clean and reorganize my room.

In my room now I actually have work space and few other items to help me be motivated to achieve my goals.

It is incredibly difficult when the one you love so much is so far away and only gets to see you maybe 4 times a year.

Please don’t take what you have with your loved one for granted.

I see so many couples just on the daily taking for granted what they have. Imagine if you only saw that person through a computer screen. You never got to hold them after a especially bad day. So many people my age/my generation take this for granted and I feel like they don’t even bother to learn how to communicate properly and move on to the next relationship when they don’t want to put through any effort when it gets difficult. That is our society in a sense, if something doesn’t work a few times or it isn’t what we thought. We give up. We toss it out. We start over. It’s sad when couples do this because of long distance because it is so achievable to be together. You just have to plan! I have seen some many couples further away then Eric and I and they accomplish everything they want and even have kids. Its so inspiring for me to see this. ❤

So you are not alone in this big world. There are plenty of us on the internet. IF you ever want advice on a LDR (long distance relationship) just ask me I’ve been doing it for 4 years. 

There are so many other couples out there like us and some of them don’t even get to visit for years.

So if you are in a long distance relationship, please know there is a light at the end of the never ending dark tunnel.

There will be a time when you don’t have to say goodbye anymore.

Hang on to that hope because it gets you through the hardest days.

Remember to take care of yourself and your love.

So I’m going to be taking the day to sleep and eat good food and exercise.

Bye for now.

My eyes hurt from crying.







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My coping with CTPSD my adventures in life with my partner in crime Eric, and any other things I find interesting along this ride we call "life" Born in Canada currently living in the USA

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