Love just knows how to heal.

When I first met Eric through a video screen I wasn’t sure what to expect… Just because of previous heartbreak and terrible ex boyfriends.

But as soon as we had our first Skype session I knew deep in my soul and in my heart he was the one for me.

I was watching him sleep last night, he just has this tendency to be absolutely adorable in every way but especially when he sleeps.

Eric has such a strong will but a beautiful soul.

He would never hurt anyone.

We have been in a relationship since October 2014.

Married since July 2019.

I have learned so much about myself and him in the last few months.

I know our relationship will always be strong, due to our extreme long distance we dealt with for 5 years.

I feel like we are always still learning and exploring each other.

It’s an amazing feeling being with someone from such a different upbringing then I had.

He truly has the most beautiful family and extended families.

….not knocking my own cause I love my DAD SIDE the most 😉 

He is so patient and kind. I aspire to be the beautiful human being that he is.

He is incredibly talented and smart.

He can take an idea and turn into something so spectacular while the rest of us are just barely grasping the idea, he has taken it and turned it into fruition.

Eric usually has a camera in hand, to express his amazing creativity.

I often get emotional at night, as some of you know I have terrible sleeping patterns due to the abuse I suffered as a child.

Most times I just lie there and I cannot close my brain or body down to rest.

Not many people know this but Eric has a tendency to snore quiet loud at times.

He has been much better since we have been sharing a bed for the last few months.

When I would hear him on Skype snoring away I was so mad and annoyed because it had a tendency to be SO LOUD over the microphone….

But now, experiencing it in first hand with my own ears it is almost comforting.

Now, keep in mind if he does get too loud I give him a gentle shove with my arm…

I just wanted to write out in this post how much he meant to me, I could go on for days about how much I love him and how happy he makes me.

He deserves recognition in every way.

I am so proud of how far he has come in just the short time we have been together.

I am so thankful to God for leading Eric into my life.

I have never taken a moment for granted.

My life was shit before he came into it.

I was depressed and hadn’t even touched the memories of my abuse.

As I sat downstairs in our living room, crying to my father and brother about what I had remembered my mother had done to me, I had this laptop in my hands and of course Eric was there listening because he wanted to be apart of this moment.

We had only been dating 5 months at that point.

All previous boyfriends would have tucked in their tail and gotten the fuck outta there…

But he stayed. And still continues to this day.

I will forever remain faithful to him and show that I love him every day.

I promise to take our marriage vows seriously and not to follow in my mothers footsteps.

He has taken a broken human and put all my pieces back together.

Anytime there is a piece that falls off, he is there to pick it back up and put me back together…


TRUE LOVE is seeing the absolute worst of someone or their situations and continuing in that moment to LOVE them.

I am forever thankful.

I write a lot about my abuse and past in this blog but I wanted to add a happy moment.

Eric is my happy moment.

He always will be forever and ever.







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