Love just knows how to heal.

When I first met Eric through a video screen I wasn’t sure what to expect… Just because of previous heartbreak and terrible ex boyfriends. But as soon as we had our first Skype session I knew deep in my soul and in my heart he was the one for me. I was watching him sleepContinue reading “Love just knows how to heal.”

It’s been difficult but I am stronger because of this.

I don’t know why, maybe it’s the lack of sleep or approaching holidays…. I feel sad. But in the ways I feel sad are different from you or maybe someone else. I mourn. I feel after 4 years of remembering things from my past I am still mourning that person that I was….? But asContinue reading “It’s been difficult but I am stronger because of this.”


First public event EVER

Being positive is hard work.

It’s legit hard. Like learning the piano hard. Like wanting to smash the piano cause it’s so fustratingly hard….. I don’t know how I do it some days. And some days I don’t bother. (Which I should bother because I am in control of my day) My future hubbs wakes up every morning saying “goodContinue reading “Being positive is hard work.”