I’m suffera twin.

I know I will write about my experiences and share them with you shortly under CPTSD. I cannot do so now in detail at least until I live somewhere safer.

I also suffer from DIDNOS

I was raised liberal but I find myself a mix between conservative and liberal. More conservative views, than liberal but always willing to look at both sides.

I was not allowed to be religious growing up and now I am able to practice Christianity freely.

I’m the girl who never grew up and that’s okay 🙂

My Hair is naturally light brown but I dye it dark brown.

I have three tattoos and always wanting more!

I take 3 Medications daily. It is nothing to be ashamed of.

I have a unknown auto immune disorder.

If you don’t like fuzzy socks we totally cannot be friends!!!

Video Games are my passion!!

I’m 26 years young.

I have probably watched almost every episode of The Simpsons

I am currently in a long distance relationship and am engaged 🙂

I love Instagram and Twitter.

I have been diagnosed with CPTSD.

Survivor to Thriver

Read about my life and stick around.

Bye for now ❤



Gamergirldelux (Karen)


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