My experience with the Clarisonic

I just want to let you know before you read any further that this is not a sponsored post! #notanad #personal

I first tried out the Clarisonic on Christmas of 2013. I had done a lot of research before hand at my local Sephora. I got the Mia for Christmas with the normal brush head. I believe that brush head actually doesn’t exist any more! and I’m glad because my first impression was not a good one… I found the brush and cleanser to be rough and although I was pleased afterwards it was a strange new feeling brushing your face with a brush…

Flash forward about a few years of hit or miss cleansers and a few masks that did more bad then good. I finally have a routine that works and by this time I had ditched my Clarisonic Mia and went back to the old fashioned hand method. This had worked for me until about 2015 when I started breaking out like CRAZZZZYYY and I was about 23 and I had gone through some very traumatic life changes and my skin exploded. I’m taking cystic acne where there was never any before. I was a damn ugly pimpled teenager but I had never really experienced huge cystic acne under the skin. The kind that makes you cringe with pain each time you move your face!!!

Around this time Eric and I had just started our relationship. We started dating back in 2014 October and I experienced major changes in my life the beginning of 2015 and in the early months. We had plan to visit each other around March to May. It was a great visit and it was a little tough mentally but that’s for a WHOLE different blog post when I get around to it.

In Canada I feel like I’ve never had a lot of product selection until Sephora came to Canada I believe like 2009 or so…. Even then it was super expensive.

I had purchased the Nip +Fab glycolic acid line which had done some major improvements on my acne and black heads. I couldn’t believe I had never heard of this stuff before! This shit is magic!!

Anyways I made decision to repurchase the Mia2 after ditching my Mia and to be honest I missed it and thought it needed a second chance. I purchased a bundle with Sephora and noticed that they had more cleansers and more brush heads especially the sensitive kind which was very essential for me. I don’t think I like to believe I had sensitive skin but that first brush head I had with my first Mia really hurt my skin… I currently switch between the Deep Pore and Radiance Brush heads. These have both done wonders for my skin especially if I steam beforehand! The radiance brush head is so soft and yet it cleans amazingly. I find almost no makeup after I’ve used my Nip and Fab Glycolic Cleanser. My skin has finally calmed down. It still likes to surprise me every now and then but for the most part the Clarisonic has helped me keep breakouts at bay and keep my blackheads from reappearing.

If you have ever been unsure about the Clarisonic…. I say get it. Ditching my first Mia was such a huge mistake because the Mia 2 has lasted me three years now and is amazing and I would never imagine my routine without it! Just make sure you have the RIGHT cleanser for you and the RIGHT brush head 🙂


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How I met my American Soulmate

I have had a few relationships in the past and I have always learned from my mistakes… most times. I met Eric in July 2014 on Instagram. We had both been following each other for quite some time but did not talk until July of 2014. He messaged me when I put up a post on Instagram explaining my extreme frustration with YouTube channel art. This is something that immediately bonded Eric and I together. We both have a passion for social media and would love to venture further into it. With YouTube we both have a passion for videos. Myself, I would say I love making videos and being goofy but it takes a long time for me to open up as I can be quite a shy person. Eric on the other hand can make a video in a matter of hours and masterfully edit it and send it on its way to stardom. Back to our first interaction with each other, Eric had messaged me asking if I needed help with my YouTube channel art. I knew close to nothing about Photoshop so I said yes. I half expected him to make me pay him but he refused any sort of payment and made me this simple yet amazing graphic that fit perfectly to my page. I was completely awestruck. I hadn’t met anyone on Instgram that had offered to do something so wonderful from so very deep from the bottom of their heart. I was ecstatic any time we spoke after that. I would constantly refresh Instagram in hopes we would have something new to say to each other, we would start out asking each other how our days went and then we transitioned to Facebook chat which was much easier and quicker. I would watch him stream on Twitch. (If you had saw me look at him, you would see stars and hearts in my eyes) We kept talking and talking and eventually we decided it was time to progress to video chat! Our first Skype session was on Aug 7 and as soon as I ended that call I knew I couldn’t go a day without seeing him again… Although I didn’t tell him that, but I know now we both felt the same way after that first call. Considering the amount of attention I draw on Instagram I was legitimately surprised when Eric and I discussed the concept of jealously. I had around 9500 followers. I am not your “typical” gamer girl. I do not post half naked shots of myself with a controller in my mouth. I like to be sexy but modest. That is my style. There may have been a few sexually suggestive photos but nothing that provokes disgusting comments like I have obsessed on instagram. That is extremely distasteful to me but that’s another story for another time. Anyways pervious to any boy I had ever dated Eric did not get jealous. This was wonderful for me. This still meant I could post what I want and not receive criticism from the person I adored. He is so different from anyone I have ever dated yet he has similarities of all of them that make me love him even more! Being in an LDR is not something I have planned for, nor did I expect it to happen to me. But I am glad it did. It is hard most days to be away from the one you love but it is so worth it if you both have a plan and stick to it. I used to be a cold hard bitch when it came to love. Eric slowly and surely picked the ice off of my heart and put my heart gently back into the sparkling glass case where it was meant to be. I had met someone on Instagram before and had tried to pursue a relationship with this person. It did not work out. I was so nervous when Eric was just doing everything right and we had so much in common and I was worried it would all come crashing down like it had before. I have always learned from my mistakes and sometimes we make the same mistake twice and sometimes we make it once and although we had made the mistake before we try and try again for a different outcome. I was fortunate enough to place my heart on the table once more but instead to not have it smashed but gently held. I am saying it is okay to make mistakes and it is okay to make the same mistake hundreds of times. If you feel it in your heart it is right then I say go for it! Because life is so short.
You never know what’s going to happen tomorrow!
I never expected to be in a gaming LDR but I am so glad I am because he is perfect for me and I for him.

Don’t give up!

(help us see more of eachother -> )

And keep making mistakes!
Game on!
Love your fellow GamerGirl

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